Monday, 3 October 2011

Well i dont really have anything much to blog about as im toooo busy finishing orders and getting ready for essex fashion week. Eeeeek im so excited cant wait for everyone to see my designs and a few new shoe styles!

Here are a two pictures of two different styles i have recently done. These both come in loads of different colours and everyone seems to be loving the whole glitter thing at the moment.

This might be the last time i blog before essex fashion week on the 29th, but i will definitely be blogging about efw a few days after!

Friday, 23 September 2011

This is the first night in a while i get a chance to sit and do nothing so i thought a blog update was in order! I just want to tell you all about my newsletter. I get a lot of people asking about my giveaways and if i ever do discount codes, so what better way to share this kind of info than in a newsletter.

I dont get much time to do little things like this so i will be sending out 1 newsletter a month filled with lots of exciting infoooo so you can have first look at new designs and so on.

My first newsletter is going to be sent the 1st of october and then again on the 1st of every other month. To sign up leave a comment below with your email address or use the form on my website which you can get to by using the link below.

I hope you all enjoy reading the newsletter as much as i have enjoyed writing it :D

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wellll i sure havent updated this in a while! Quite disappointed with myself, before making my blog i always read that people didnt post as much as they should. I always said i would not be one of those people and i would always be filling my page with new stuff, well that sure happend... NOT!

Been so so busy these last few weeks cant believe how many orders i have got, infact i have got so many orders i have had to stop taking them for a week or two. I dont like to let people down or make them wait to long so felt this was the best thing to do.

Another reason for why i stopped orders is because i have all of a sudden become allergic to the glue i use haha! I dont know why im laughing its awful, but hopefully with a slower week soon i should be able to get better :)

On a lighter noteee i have been making shoes for some amazing people. I had 3 lovely girls win a pair of shoes each from my twitter giveaway and 1 lovely girl win a necklace. I am doing more giveaways soon so keep an eye out :) I have also been crystalising shoes for a few celebs which makes me very excited haha. I must find time to update this more often, thank you all for your support and thank you to those who have wrote blogs about my shoes the last few weeks i love reading them :D

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hi bloggggers have not wrote on here in a while! been extra busy finally finished and sent off a pair of fully crystalised heels to maria fowler from the only way is essex! :) (pictures above)

I also applied for an asos marketplace boutique and was accepted wooohooo!!! I have now made my boutique and listed a few of my shoes, more to add soon take a look here is the link:

I have lots more exciting stuff to finish and plan, so as soon as i have more details i shall write a post about it!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Happy birthday to me!!

Not much to say but its nearly 2 hours untill my birthday and i really should go to sleep now! wooohoooo happy birthday too meee :D oh and visit

Friday, 12 August 2011

So today i thought i would sort the state of my pictures out ha! It was about time i got some decent ones done to add to my website, facebook, twitter and so on. As all we ever get is rain it was a little hard trying to come up with a nice way of displaying my shoes. Today for the first time in a few weeks i walked home through the park and was actually shocked to see how many flowers had been planted there in a matter of weeks! oh and had also managed to stay nice rather than be destroyed by some divy.

The only shoes i had to hand were a pair of pink closed toes and purple, which was a shame but over the next few days i shall start making a few more pairs and take pictures before the flowers disappear :)

Im really pleased with how the pictures turned out, one thing that i found annoying was the fact that the pictures show the proper colour of the shoes and how bright they are perfectly but, definitely doesnt show how sparkly the crystals are so im hoping for some sun tomorrow to try again and if not the results of these arent too bad!! i dont think so anyway :)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Hiiii bloggers :) today well yesterday i got my oversized postcards and normal sized postcards delivered and i LOVE them :D

I decided that as many people dont know how to look after handmade items or shoes in general for that matter, i thought i would get some little postcard size cards made on how to care for the shoes. Making sure i put the right kind of info on the cards was quite hard actually, i didnt want to sound rude but i wanted to make it clear to those who didnt know walking on grass in heels for example = the heels sinking in the mud which then = mud stuck inbetween crystals. NOT a good look! :)

I have also been given lots of exciting opportunities recently lots of exciting stuff coming up cant wait :D looks like all my hard work is finally paying off woohooooo

Monday, 8 August 2011

Just thought i would write on here before going  to bed as im verrrry tired! today started off bad as i walked downstairs to find bags of crystals open every where all over the sofa and floor!!! my dog had got to the post and opend everything grrr i now remember why i have most things sent to a different address never mind ha, who would of thought a dog so small could create such disaster.

I have almost finished another order for someone this time they wanted pink crystals (have put picture above)
i really like these light pink crystals on a black shoe, its something i will do again when i make display shoes.

Im also waiting on a few things i ordered that i put in the box with the shoes, as i have a new logo and whole design i had to redo quite a few things cant wait to see how they turn out will post pics as soon as i get them :)

Friday, 5 August 2011

So today hasnt been that much of a great day. I came over all unwell in the middle of tescos =) ha nearly lost my dog who decided to run out my front door, and last but not least i dropped glue all over the floor! anywayyyy today i managed to get an order finished for someone needing a pair of shoes for their birthday, i think cant remember :) but the girl was very nice and the shoes turned out great.

She was after something a little lower than the other styles i have so together we came up with the picture above, these will now be for sale on my site for everyone else too.

I have also came up with some new exciting ideas that i cant wait to try out. Im forever trying to come up with new ideas to be different from everyone else doing something similar, i think i may have finally found something yay. I will be posting pictures as soon as it has been tried and tested. :D

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Today i had my first day off in what seems like forever! but i took the time to start making a pair of shoes for myself. I currently decorate Converse anyway but i thought i would try something different.

I am in the middle of covering the whole shoe just like the heels, but instead on a flat shoe. I started doing this a few days a go but as its a very slow process i hadnt got very far as i had many orders to complete in time for peoples birthday presents and partys. The picture shows how far i have got at the moment.

I cant begin to imagine how long and how many crystals this is going to take me but im soo excited to finish and finally wear them.  

I also had my first order for a pair of shoes to be made for new years eve! it seems so far away when i think of it but realistically it isnt that far away at all. I get very busy around christmas time with all the partys that happen around decemeber so its nice to have an early order that doesnt have to be rushed to finish in time :)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

So as im still working out how to use this i thought i best try and put something on here as i now have 3 followers, that have come from i dont know where yayy, 4 if i include the fact that i some how managed to follow myself :S

More to the point, i thought i would write a bit about the shoes i make and show the people who do read this my favourite one so far, which is in the picture above. These fully crystalised heels take the longest by far but are most deffinatly my fave covered in over 6000 crystals they sure do sparkle loads!

I made the bow optional as its very much to my taste, but not to everyones and not everyone wanting the shoes will have a pink outfit to wear them with :)

Pictures dont always do my work justice but i put a lot of time and effort into my shoes, making sure they are perfect in every way possible. This was my first time crystalising a whole shoe and im very pleased with the result :D

Monday, 1 August 2011

My First Post

I WILL finish this at some point and I WILL have people following me :D