Friday, 23 September 2011

This is the first night in a while i get a chance to sit and do nothing so i thought a blog update was in order! I just want to tell you all about my newsletter. I get a lot of people asking about my giveaways and if i ever do discount codes, so what better way to share this kind of info than in a newsletter.

I dont get much time to do little things like this so i will be sending out 1 newsletter a month filled with lots of exciting infoooo so you can have first look at new designs and so on.

My first newsletter is going to be sent the 1st of october and then again on the 1st of every other month. To sign up leave a comment below with your email address or use the form on my website which you can get to by using the link below.

I hope you all enjoy reading the newsletter as much as i have enjoyed writing it :D

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