Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wellll i sure havent updated this in a while! Quite disappointed with myself, before making my blog i always read that people didnt post as much as they should. I always said i would not be one of those people and i would always be filling my page with new stuff, well that sure happend... NOT!

Been so so busy these last few weeks cant believe how many orders i have got, infact i have got so many orders i have had to stop taking them for a week or two. I dont like to let people down or make them wait to long so felt this was the best thing to do.

Another reason for why i stopped orders is because i have all of a sudden become allergic to the glue i use haha! I dont know why im laughing its awful, but hopefully with a slower week soon i should be able to get better :)

On a lighter noteee i have been making shoes for some amazing people. I had 3 lovely girls win a pair of shoes each from my twitter giveaway and 1 lovely girl win a necklace. I am doing more giveaways soon so keep an eye out :) I have also been crystalising shoes for a few celebs which makes me very excited haha. I must find time to update this more often, thank you all for your support and thank you to those who have wrote blogs about my shoes the last few weeks i love reading them :D


  1. I love that i have found your store and blog.... Totally loving the sparkles.

  2. The Crystal Boutique3 October 2011 at 10:19

    Hey glad you like them thank you! :)