Sunday, 24 June 2012

Look what i found!

So this is my second post in 1 day which is quite shocking considering i havent even wrote one post in sooo many months :P I thought i would use this as a chance to show people something i purchased about 2 weeks ago.

These might not be of any use to some of you but i know i have a lot of other people who follow me on twitter who work with small crystals, beads and so on.

I went to ikea for something completely different but ended up buying these! They are little spice jars, you get 4 in a pack for about £2.00 i think it was which i think is a very good price considering their size. I got these because 1 i think they look quite cute like little sweet jars :) and 2 i needed something which was a reasonable size and easy to see inside without having to take lids off or pouring crystals every where!

Here is what they look like and they can be used for many different things! Including spices of course ha :)

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