Sunday, 24 June 2012

Im Back!!

Well i cant believe the last time i wrote a post on here was in 2011!!!! I have been so so busy with my website and new designs as well as the hundreds of orders i have been very lucky to receive.

I thought in this post i would share some pictures with you. Whilst i have not been posting on here Maria Fowler has been spotted in 2 pairs of our heels and yet to be spotted in the other 2 pairs she owns! :-)

Above she was seen arriving and leaving the scouse boutique launch party, wearing her Vanilla heels teamed with a Forever unique dress!

Above Maria was seen in her Stardust heels on 2 occasions. The first was on 'This Morning' tv show, when she teamed our shoes with a Hybrid dress. The second was on a night out and she teamed our shoes with a celeb boutique dress!


  1. Welcome back! Really love your shoes glad I snapped me up a pair in 2011! Its been a year since I had them and well worth the money!

    I am definitely going to feature you on my blog..without a doubt lots of love xx

    1. thank you so much :D i got your facebook comment but for some reason i couldnt reply to it! your lovely comments mean alot so thank you very much xx

  2. btw i also bought them 1 year ago, but didn't know what to wear with them lol
    i feel like cindrella :)