Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Love My Ipad

This post has nothing to do with crystals or shoes but i wanted to share my new ipad cover/case with you! A few months ago i finally purchased an ipad, this did take me forever to decide because they are soo expensive and i already have a laptop. I have to say my ipad has turned out to be the best purchase ever! I never leave it alone, its so much easier to use and take places unlike a laptop. When i first got this i was worried about dropping it and for a few weeks i didnt, then of course i dropped it about 10 times in the space of a day.  
I decided to buy a plastic case for it but every time i dropped the ipad it sounded like it had the same effect as it did with no case! I came across this cover a couple of days ago, the print on the fabric is so cute and it even has a pocket on the outisde which i will be using for a pen and paper. This cover is actually like a mini pillow! The inside is all soft and fluffy so i know if i drop this my ipad is 100% safe :)

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  1. Love it, where did you get it from?? x