Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Our Shoes On The Catwalk!

Sooo as im writing this post my giveaway on twitter has just started and oh jeeeez how many tweets do i have already!! so many :-) I wanted to post some pictures of a fashion show i done in April, how good are these pictures. I didnt manage to take any pictures myself as i was busy puting the shoes on the models before they went out, by the time i had finished and went to the catwalk to watch it there was no room to see properly so i stood at the side. Standing at the side obviously meant not so great pictures but when i got home i was sent these and more from a blogger and a photographer :D

Above we have our 'Girl Power' heels.

Above we have our 'Stardust' 'Blue Frost' 'Black Sparkle' and 'Candy Fusion' heels.


  1. wow loking amazing , and those girls really are loving those shoes weldone x