Monday, 8 August 2011

Just thought i would write on here before going  to bed as im verrrry tired! today started off bad as i walked downstairs to find bags of crystals open every where all over the sofa and floor!!! my dog had got to the post and opend everything grrr i now remember why i have most things sent to a different address never mind ha, who would of thought a dog so small could create such disaster.

I have almost finished another order for someone this time they wanted pink crystals (have put picture above)
i really like these light pink crystals on a black shoe, its something i will do again when i make display shoes.

Im also waiting on a few things i ordered that i put in the box with the shoes, as i have a new logo and whole design i had to redo quite a few things cant wait to see how they turn out will post pics as soon as i get them :)

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