Friday, 12 August 2011

So today i thought i would sort the state of my pictures out ha! It was about time i got some decent ones done to add to my website, facebook, twitter and so on. As all we ever get is rain it was a little hard trying to come up with a nice way of displaying my shoes. Today for the first time in a few weeks i walked home through the park and was actually shocked to see how many flowers had been planted there in a matter of weeks! oh and had also managed to stay nice rather than be destroyed by some divy.

The only shoes i had to hand were a pair of pink closed toes and purple, which was a shame but over the next few days i shall start making a few more pairs and take pictures before the flowers disappear :)

Im really pleased with how the pictures turned out, one thing that i found annoying was the fact that the pictures show the proper colour of the shoes and how bright they are perfectly but, definitely doesnt show how sparkly the crystals are so im hoping for some sun tomorrow to try again and if not the results of these arent too bad!! i dont think so anyway :)

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