Tuesday, 2 August 2011

So as im still working out how to use this i thought i best try and put something on here as i now have 3 followers, that have come from i dont know where yayy, 4 if i include the fact that i some how managed to follow myself :S

More to the point, i thought i would write a bit about the shoes i make and show the people who do read this my favourite one so far, which is in the picture above. These fully crystalised heels take the longest by far but are most deffinatly my fave covered in over 6000 crystals they sure do sparkle loads!

I made the bow optional as its very much to my taste, but not to everyones and not everyone wanting the shoes will have a pink outfit to wear them with :)

Pictures dont always do my work justice but i put a lot of time and effort into my shoes, making sure they are perfect in every way possible. This was my first time crystalising a whole shoe and im very pleased with the result :D


  1. You've got 6 followers now! Loving that shoe....!! I'm a fellow Create forum member, saw your post about your new blog: it's looking good. Did you know you can also connect your blog to your Facebook page via Networked Blogs? It then publishes updates to your blog onto your wall, and you can encourage followers to the blog that way too. Just a thought! Have a good day, Sarah (www.photofairytales.co.uk) x

  2. Jude from Jude's Jewels here, another Creater :)
    I'm your 7th fan, lucky me !!
    I love crystals and shoes so will be following you closely.
    Good luck with your Blog.
    Jude x

  3. The Crystal Boutique3 August 2011 at 03:22

    Aww thank you both i will try the facebook thing as i dont think im going to get very far with twitter i just dont think many people on facebook use twitter could be wrong though :) both of your blogs are great im not sure if it will let me follow you jude as i just tried but will follow you now sarah :) x