Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Today i had my first day off in what seems like forever! but i took the time to start making a pair of shoes for myself. I currently decorate Converse anyway but i thought i would try something different.

I am in the middle of covering the whole shoe just like the heels, but instead on a flat shoe. I started doing this a few days a go but as its a very slow process i hadnt got very far as i had many orders to complete in time for peoples birthday presents and partys. The picture shows how far i have got at the moment.

I cant begin to imagine how long and how many crystals this is going to take me but im soo excited to finish and finally wear them.  

I also had my first order for a pair of shoes to be made for new years eve! it seems so far away when i think of it but realistically it isnt that far away at all. I get very busy around christmas time with all the partys that happen around decemeber so its nice to have an early order that doesnt have to be rushed to finish in time :)

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